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This is but a beginning of what I hope will become a comprehensive collection of information on the Bennight family name.   We will have verified information and stories told, photos, drawings, documents and wishes. And just because I need to start somewhere, below are photos of my grandfather and grandmother. These are black & white photos that have been hand tinted as was so very common prior to color film.

Jerome William Bennight

Allie Faye Coats
Jerome William Bennight was born January 10, 1900 in Texas and died 1977 in Houston, TX.   He married Allie Faye Coats in 1919. They had three children, J D (initials only), Audrey Lee and Wilbert George.
    Jerome, known as "Bill", always signed his name "W. Bennight". Working in an Army Ordnance Depot near Houston, TX., he found Phillipine Mahogany wood, which at that time was commonly used for crates. Recognizing the beauty and strength of this wood, he began crafting furniture from it.   Later using more Maple, much of this furniture is still in family hands, now serving it's fifth generation. He was known to go to furniture stores to look at designs and construction technique, return home to sketch it, and go to work, usually improving the construction. (I did say fifth generation.) He supported his family finishing hardwood floors in new houses in and around Houston. "Popa" died in 1977 after a long bout with emphysema.

George Ancil Bennight
1869 - 1943

George & Martha
Including Bill (above), George & Martha's children include:    Velma (Herrin) 1913 - ?, Fannie Cole 1904 - ?, Ethyl Taylorfoot (Deslatte) 1915 - 1973, Almir 1908 - ?, Bertha Lee (Hunt) 1911 - 1942, Joseph 1895 - ?, Clarence 1898 - 1917, Emmaline (Sedtal) 1920 - ?, George Jr. 1879 - ? and Millie 1902 - ?.
George's parents were Joseph (1831-1884) and Sarah Ward (1838 - ?).   George's siblings were:   Seth Michael (1872 - 1978), Sallie (1879 - ?), Joseph Wortham (1874- 1958), Carrie (1867 - ?) and Thomas Howard Benton (1877 - 1938)

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