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    Born in the logging town of Steep Creek, Texas, JD graduated from Rice Institute in 1941 with a B.S in Electrical Engineering and did post-graduate work at M.I.T. and Harvard University. As a First Lieutenant (Signal Corps) in WWII, he saw service in the China-Burma-India theater.

He worked as an Electrical/Electronic Engineer for the Army Ordnance Missile Command at Red River Arsenal (Texarkana, TX) and Redstone Arsenal (Huntsville, AL) and was a member of the original NASA team where he participated in early laser research and helped design the Lunar Rover.   JD retired from NASA in 1976.

He was a member of Holmes St. United Methodist Church for 49 years where he served in numerous positions of leadership at the local church, district and conference levels.

JD enjoyed a lifetime, avid interest in ham radio, getting his license in his early teen years.   K4GKJ has signed off.

J D Bennight

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